translated from Spanish: Approved in Commissions, opinion for the creation of inter-municipal body for the treatment of waste

Naomi Carmona
Morelia, Michoacán.- The members of the Finance and Public Debt Commissions, and of Municipal Strengthening and Territorial Limits, approved the opinion for the creation of an inter-municipal body called “Intermunicipal Collection System, Management, Treatment and Final Disposal of Urban Solid Waste in the Ciénega Region”, which aims to unite the municipalities of Jiquilpan, Sahuayo, Venustiano Carranza, Villamar and Cojumatlán de Régules, for the treatment of their garbage, due to the amount of environmental pollution by the deposit of it in uncontrolled and open spaces.
During the meeting of The United Commissions, the Secretary of Urbanism and the Environment of the State (SEMARNACC), Ricardo Luna García, who set out the parameters and budget of the intermunicipal project, to which an economic resource of 301 was invested 389 thousand pesos, of which 49 per cent will fall to the National Bank for Works and Public Services (Banobras), 5 per cent by each of the municipalities involved and the rest would be implemented by private initiative, through a tender.
The state official detailed that the creation of the agency would resolve the issue of garbage in the municipalities of Ciénega michoacana, which reaches the production of 239 thousand 962 kilos of daily waste, deposited in open pit dumps, which generates a serious environmental problem in the area.
The chairman of the Municipal Strengthening Commission, Hugo Anaya Avila recalled that the agency’s project is on the agenda of Congress since the last Legislature, however the conditions for approval had not been given.
For his part, Arturo Hernández Vázquez, president of the Committee on Finance and Public Debt, asked the head of SEMARNACC to follow the project on time, with the aim of making it an effective model that is replicated in other areas of the state.
The opinion was unanimously adopted, thanks to the votes of Ms Hugo Anaya, Humberto González Villagómez and Sergio Báez Torres of the Municipal Strengthening Commission, and Arturo Hernández, Octavio Ocampo Córdova and Adriana Hernández Inigoz, of the Treasury Commission.

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