El Mostrador en La Clave: the investigation of casinos for collusion, the increase in “NEETs” after the pandemic, the polls in the face of the constitutional plebiscite and the highlights at the international level with Fernando Reyes

The editor of El Semanal de El Mostrador, Iván Weissman, spoke about the details of the investigation of the National Economic Prosecutor’s Office to the casinos for collusion and the raid he made with the PDI to the houses of the three most important managers and owners of the industry. There is also economic analysis projecting the day after the plebiscite, and much more.
The director of the Department of Economics of the UDP, Marcela, Perticará, referred to a study by the International Labor Organization that indicated that 23.3% of people between 15 and 24 do not study, nor work (NEETs), reaching the highest point in the last 15 years.
The director of Latinobarómetro and founder of Mori Chile, Marta Lagos, together with the political analyst, historian and academic, Patricio Gajardo, analyzed the opinion polls in the face of the constitutional plebiscite, where the Apruebo has significantly shortened the gap with the Rejection. They also referred to the words of the spokeswoman Minister Camila Vallejo, who said that the current Constitution “hinders the fulfillment of the program.” However, he clarified that if the magna carta proposal is discarded, they will continue to govern and push their proposals.
The international analyst and academic of the Andrés Bello University, Fernando Reyes Matta, talked about the main international news such as the first year of the return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan, the recovery of documentation by the FBI after raiding the house of Donald Trump and among others.

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