Three Cordobans cross Africa and the Middle East by bicycle to encourage the “Scaloneta” in Qatar

With more than 6,000 kilometers by bicycle, a group of three Cordobans travel through several countries in Africa with the final destination of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, to encourage the Argentine National Team.Under the name “Todo a Pedal” (@todoapedal) the friends record a documentary and plan to donate native trees for the native mountain of Córdoba.
“We want to be able to share it directly and connect with the players, especially with (Lionel) Messi and (Angel) Di Maria who are the historical ones out there, but we would love to be able to generate some link to tell these people that we are crossing Africa and the Middle East to go and encourage them,” Leandro Blanco Pighi (32) told Telam. For the group, the goal is to “transform every kilometer into a tree to plant the native forest of Cordoba that is quite hit in recent years with forest fires.” The group is completed by Lucas Ledezma (34) and Silvio Gatti (32), who started the pedaling activity from Cape Town, in South Africa, on May 14, and who finance the journey with the help of sponsors and the Instagram community that follows them on their account, whose followers collaborate with donations.
“At one point we had run out of money, we had to take out the Zambian visa and we asked for help from our Instagram community through platforms like ‘matecito’, or ‘cafecito’ and there were many people who transferred money to us and we were able to pay for the visa,” pighi explained. and spend their nights on the side of some route, in a tent, some hostel that they get in exchange for advertising on their social networks, or they are invited by locals who, they said, treat them “incredibly well”. You can accompany them on their journey through their Instagram @viajero_intermitente accounts, @todoapedal and @sigoenviaje in which they aspire to enhance their communities to obtain greater visibility, which opens doors for them to finance their adventures and to achieve the desired contact with the AFA and Argentine players.

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