Alberto Fernández declared a net worth of $17.8 million that grew more than 100% in one year

President Alberto Fernandez reported an estate of $17,833,320 on Wednesday in the annual affidavit filed with the Anti-Corruption Office (OA). The president’s assets increased by 107% during the last year, even taking into account the inflation of the same period, a rise that he justified by the valuation that his department had in Recoleta.Fernández reported to the OA the same patrimony as the previous year. Its main asset remains its apartment located on Callao Avenue at 1900, valued at $ 12.2 million, which represents a valuation of $ 10 million compared to 2020. However, the value of the property is well below market prices in that area of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta.The apartment has not occupied it for years, the one who lives in that address is his ex-wife. Until December 10, 2019, the president of the Buenos Aires Justicialist Party lived in a flat in the River View building in Puerto Madero, belonging to the advertising entrepreneur Enrique “Pepe” Albistur, his friend and person closely linked to Peronism. Despite not paying rent for the apartment, the president clarified that he was in charge of “paying the expenses” of the property. Fernández channels part of his assets through the company Inmueble Callao SA, whose shares he shares in equal parts with the former Minister of Justice, Marcela Losardo. That firm is the owner of his law firm, which is also located on Callao Avenue at 1900, in front of his apartment. The study is not active, since the former official settled in Paris last year, when she was appointed ambassador to Unesco.The President valued the holding of the shares of Inmueble Callao SA at just $ 84,149, but consigned a credit in his favor of the company for $ 1,457,000. The president also declared a credit with AFIP corresponding to advance of the income tax for $ 1,414,637.As a vehicle, Fernández consigned a Toyota Corolla 1.8 model 2019, the same one that on several occasions he used to move to the Casa Rosada or the Congress of the Nation. Their debts barely shrank in this exercise: they totaled $ 196,000, while the savings are explained in $ 444,617 in a bank account and $ 756,662 in concept of household assets. While in annual income he declared $ 5,905,901 as President of the Nation, which gives an average of $ 454,000 per month. As for expenses, the president said that during 2021 an average monthly budget of $ 221,000.

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