Fraud persists in Jalisco despite operations

Guadalajara, Jalisco.- The actions implemented in recent years by the authorities to combat the fraudulent practices of financial entities in Jalisco did not scare fraudsters or inhibit investors. Companies such as Asesores Jurídicos Profesionales (AJP) and Green Ocean Inc (GOI) continued to operate even though the State Prosecutor’s Office made public several proceedings related to other companies during the recent Administration. Journalistic records show that between 2020 and April 2022, the agency presumed at least six operations related to similar frauds during which there were searches, apprehensions and seizures. In no case, however, was it disclosed whether the damage was repaired. Stories of similar scams are not new in the metropolis. In the first years of the last decade there were emblematic cases such as Wi Capital, RYM Capital and Veston Roi.We recommend you read After the scandal over the AJP fraud, which exceeds one thousand 35 million pesos, victims of Wi Capital acknowledged that, more than 10 years after their incident, they have not recovered their money. They broadcast video when cars are swallowed by rain

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