They kidnapped the cell phones of four friends of Sabag Montiel after testifying in Court

Four friends of the detainee for the attempted murder of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kichner, Fernando André Sabag Montiel, testified today as witnesses in the court case. His statements within the case did not transcend by the secrecy of summary imposed by the judge in charge of the process, María Eugenia Capuchetti; however, it is known that the magistrate and the prosecutor Carlos Rívolo kidnapped the cell phones of the declarants to be examined. The four people showed up this afternoon at a police station and from there they were taken to Comodoro Py. The investigators decided that they should testify as witnesses in the context of the case labeled as aggravated homicide in the degree of attempt. The four friends and the girlfriend of Sabag Montiel gave a report last Friday to the Telefé channel where they admitted that they “threatened” them through social networks. “We are very afraid because they take away the possibility of working and we had nothing to do with it,” said Uliarte, who called himself Ámbar. At that time, the woman said that she had not seen Sabag Montiel for two days but it was later determined that the day before she had been with him in the corner of the vice president’s house.” They threaten us through social networks, they tell us that they want to kill us. It’s a horrible situation. This is going to fuck us and we are thieves,” Nicolás, one of the friends who sell cotton candy, said in the note. The content of the statement of the friends will be under analysis by the investigators to determine what may be useful for new measures of evidence or possible imputations. Judicial sources reported that Brenda Uliarte will be investigated tomorrow, after having been arrested on Sunday night at the “Palermo” train station after it was verified that the night Sabag Montiel tried to assassinate the vice president, the woman was at the corner of Juncal and Uruguay, where Fernández de Kirchner.La woman lives, 23 years old, she was followed by the justice and had her cell phone intervened. After obtaining the security cameras of the City, the justice was able to determine that the woman was with Sabag Montiel on Thursday night in Recoleta. Uliarte is being held at the police headquarters in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Lugano on General Madariaga Street. She asked to be assisted by an official defender and in turn she is responsible for Dr. Juan Martín Hermida, the same defender of Sabag Montiel. It must now be defined whether the lawyer can represent the two or there are conflicting interests.

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