Tires: there was an agreement between businessmen and SUTNA leaders

Representatives of companies and leaders of the Single Union of Argentine Tire Workers (Sutna) reached an agreement this morning after 14 hours of negotiations and put an end to a conflict that lasted for months and threatened to stop production. The agreement was reached at a meeting led by Labor Minister Claudio Moroni and was signed at 4:10 a.m., sources in the labor ministry confirmed. As indicated, the parties resolved an adjustment of 16% for the fifth tranche of the 2021/2022 salary revision, thus totaling a 66% salary increase in that equal period. Meanwhile, they reported that for the 2022/2023 parity period, an increase of 25% was agreed that will be computed from July, another 16%, from October, and 10% in December. There will also be a 12% increase in February 2023, and then another 10% in July. In turn, as an extraordinary gratification, for the only time the companies will pay each worker a gross sum of $ 100,000.” Finally, the parties assume the commitment to refrain from carrying out any type of measure that could affect in any way the production in any of the establishments of the respective companies, “says the agreement. The parties thus put an end to a conflict that demanded more than 30 hearings and that reached its most critical point when the main companies in the sector stopped their production. 

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