“Heathers: the musical” arrives in the country with direction of Fer Dente and summons its cast

“Heathers: the musical” arrives in the country next July 2023 at the Teatro Ópera with direction of Fernando Dente, who is currently starring in “Regreso en Patagonia” with Franco Masini and Nahuel Pennisi.Through his Instagram account, the artist, a reference of musical comedy announced that he is in the search for talents to make up the show. “I’m fully committed to finding the best cast for our powerful new version,” he said.

“Everyone knows my story with High School Musical and the 26,000 people who showed up for the casting. There they gave me that great opportunity that I was waiting for so much. That’s why I know what it means to want something to happen with all your energy. ‘Heathers’ allows me to be that way. I’m looking for you, really. I don’t care if you are known or if you are not, if you have tik tok or not, if you are in this or that way. I care about your instrument, your energy, and how prepared you are for a work like this. I don’t care about the rest. It is an embole to be prejudiced. As I said recently, there is a lot of talent in Argentina but not so much with the necessary preparation to get on stage. And I need you prepared because I want an incredible cast,” he said.
In the first week of calls for Buenos Aires, more than 3000 were already registered, which forms a precedent in the history of the theater.

Produced by Valentina Berger, CEO of GO Broadway Productions, José Luis Massa of Club Media Network with Fernando Sokolowitz of Aleph Media; the auditions are of talents between 18 and 30 years old and not necessarily in Buenos Aires, since they will mobilize around the country. You can register here and the deadline is October 24. 

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