Arroyo said that “the basic basket must be stabilized and income improved”

Daniel Arroyo, national deputy for the Frente de Todos, said today that the government must “stabilize the basic food basket” and “improve income.” In addition, he was optimistic and considered that in the coming years the country will have a great economic growth “govern who governs”, so it will be necessary to open a debate on inclusion.
“We have to stabilize the basic food basket, and on the other hand, start improving incomes.”

Likewise, Arroyo said that politics has to be the tool that materializes the efforts of society to “give certainties to everyday life.” In this sense, he pointed out that there is a percentage of citizens who “have the idea that politics does not live the issues of everyday life” and that is one of the main reasons why right-wing ideologies have grown in recent times, both in Latin America and in the world.
“These spaces grow because of their diagnoses of politics, which has some reality, but then they go to crazy proposals in the style that babies or organs can be sold.”

Finally, the deputy declared that Argentina in the coming years “for what it produces, whoever governs, will grow” and said that when that happens, it will be important to take into account “how many Argentines will be included” in a circuit of production and consumption. Along the same lines and in relation to the 2023 Budget bill that will be voted on Tuesday, Arroyo assured that “there will be no cuts in education or social assistance.”

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