President of G9 universities by 2023 Budget Law: they seek to “review availability” of “uses of surpluses from the University Credit Solidarity Fund”

The rector of the University of Concepción and president of the network of non-state public universities G9, Carlos Saavedra, delivered his observations in El Mostrador in La Clave regarding the 2023 Budget Law presented by President Gabriel Boric.
In that sense, he said that “we are interested and it seems absolutely necessary to review the availability of uses of the surpluses of the University Credit Solidarity Fund. As it stands today, the gloss is extremely limited and only allows us to address aspects that have to do with transitory article 108.”
This means the cost of studies for those who are free from the first year after the nominal duration of their careers. “There the universities have to respond with 50% of these resources, and what we have asked is that the use of the total surpluses be allowed and also expand the uses,” he added.
Reinforcing the above, he points out that “not only limited to article 108 of Law 21,091, but also associated with the other transitory articles (35 and 38) that have to do with the limitations on the collection of fees from universities given the time in which the law was fixed. ”
On the other hand, he argues that for the G9, “it is necessary to review the elimination of four historical glosses that provided funds for the institutional development of the universities of the G9 network. These funds were eliminated in the 2021 Budget and of course they were not present in 2022 and we hope that these historic funds will be restored.”
“Therein lies our emphasis. In the first two subjects we have talked with the Ministry of Education, in particular with the Undersecretariat of Higher Education, and we understand that they have a good receptivity to these points. However, it has to be materialized in the modifications to the Budget Law that they have already proposed,” Saavedra concluded.

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