Andrés Larroque: “Cristina Kirchner wants the people to be happy”

The Minister of Development of the Buenos Aires Community, Andrés Larroque, does not know if the vice president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, wants to be a candidate in 2023, but assured that “what she wants is for the people to be happy”, after her speech at the closing of the plenary of delegates of the Metallurgical Workers’ Union (UOM) in Pilar. ” There is no union solution without a political solution, it is a slogan of Lorenzo Miguel and is linked to the figure of Cristina, “he said in a dialogue with Radio 10 in reference to the phrase that was on the stage of the act. In addition, he remarked that it is “a historical phrase that is linked to the present, because it was very strong to see Cristina with that phrase behind” and “the guests made a joke that the political solution was Cristina”.

“It is what people ask for on the one hand” and “also what generates confidence because Cristina is synonymous with guarantee,” said the referent of La Cámpora. “I don’t know if she wants to be a candidate, what she wants is for the people to be happy,” he added. The main thing is why, what we want to do, how we get out of this situation, how we engage as many sectors as possible and we have to work in that direction, “he said in reference to the presidential elections that will take place in 2023.In this sense, he was asked about the possible candidacy of CFK and said:  “For me the future is with Cristina without a doubt and I will work to generate the conditions for her to be a candidate.” “She is going through a difficult time, not only because of the assassination attempt, she is a citizen who is not equal before the law because for her the Constitution is different and the gaze of justice puts her in a lower place than any other citizen,” he explained.

Finally, the local minister considered that the vice president “represents a hope” and called on the militancy to “work in that direction to generate the conditions.” “Yesterday she stated that beyond the candidacy the important thing is why Cristina candidate or so-and-so candidate, that speaks of the need to generate a program, not to disappoint later or fail in that commitment and do so in a framework that transcends the political force itself, and speaks of an agreement in defense of democracy and also in economic matters. ” Concluded.
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