Two American tourists on an Antarctic cruise have died

Two American tourists who were on a cruise in Antarctica died today when a semi-rigid boat in which they were participating in an excursion turned over in the sea, judicial sources reported. The victims, two men aged 76 and 80 whose identities were not revealed, were traveling aboard the “M/V Word Explorer”, an Antarctic cruise ship of Portuguese origin that makes polar trips for the company “Quark Expeditions” using as a base of operations the city of Ushuaia, located in the Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego. Zodiac type, to make an excursion through the waters of the White Continent.For reasons that are trying to establish, and that according to the first hypotheses could be due to a bad maneuver or have been very close to the coast in the breaking zone, the boat turned over and the tourists fell into the icy water. Most people were rescued alive. But the two Americans died. The Word Explorer returned to Ushuaia today at 2.50 in the morning and remains moored in the port, while the incident led to the start of a criminal case that is being processed in the Federal Court of the capital fueguina, with the intervention of Judge Federico Calvete and prosecutor Juan Soria. the summary to collect the testimonies and evidence was in the hands of members of the Argentine Naval Prefecture (PNA), while autopsies were also arranged on the bodies of the victims. 

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