translated from Spanish: The Herd has been unlucky in the goal

Guadalajara.- The Guard1anes 2020 is in its final phase and anything can happen for the Chivas who play the pass to the Liguilla against Necaxa, but the directive if or if they have launched the plan “Find a goalkeeper”, because in recent years none of those chosen has been able with the package to be the guardian of the Guadalajara arch. Victor Manuel Vucetich gave Antonio Rodríguez a chance to stay in the goal, but the mistakes cost him the position in the last few games, but the one who took the place was Raúl Gudiño who although he has fulfilled better, I have also had the constant problems, and in the face of that lack of confidence on the part of the coach neither of us would continue. 
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In recent hours it has been revealed that the directive in conjunction with the technical staff has already begun the search for this important and above all trusted man. Obviously the names come down a lot knowing that this is Chivas because only Mexican players are eligible, plus the best eligible goalkeepers are already on a big team or with a very good season elsewhere. 

Still the main names on the list for Victor Manuel Vucetich are that of Jonathan Orozco who with experience and leadership could be the perfect man for the 3 clubs of Chivas. Gil Alcalá has also been mentioned who knows well because he had it in Querétaro and who, in addition, was able to see him in the countryside and the one that sounds every 6 months since his departure, Rodolfo Cota, the current archer of León. The latter signed the start of the worst moments in the red-white arch, after his departure at Clausura 2018, the team was not the same, they receive goals in large numbers, and even more dangerous as their own coaches do not trust the young goalkeepers who have passed through the team. 

Raúl Gudiño would leave the team for the arrival of a new goalkeeper Jam Media

Rodolfo Cota gave his last golden age to the Chivas with a triplet of Copa MX, Liga and Concachampions, despite not having a good performance in many years. Now the Herd must find a place for Raúl Gudiño who is the one who would have generated the most problems to the club for his high salary, remembered that he was sent to Europe but after a few years he had to return to be the salvation that could never be. Also now I know the sum that the player, already around the corner his termination of contract, something that does not suit the Herd because if he does not find a way to renew it even if it is another season he could leave without leaving a weight to the team. Efforts to find the new goalkeeper as stated have already begun, but it will be until the end of the season that more specific talk is being said about what will be done and who will arrive the club, also thinking that it will be quick incorporation to the work because already in January the next tournament begins. List of available Mexican goalkeepers

Rodolfo Cota
Jonathan Orozco
Gil Alcalá
Sebastian Jurado
Andrés Gudiño
Gibran Lajud
Sebastian Fassi
Luis Garcia
José Hernández
Carlos Rodriguez

Original source in Spanish

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