Official defeat in the Lower House: deputy Daniel Manouchehri (PS) is censured in committee, at the request of Gonzalo de la Carrera

By 7 votes in favor and 6 against, the Economy Commission of the Chamber of Deputies approved the motion of censure against the president of the instance, the militant of the Socialist Party (PS) Daniel Manouchehri. Consequently, his seat on the commission becomes vacant.
It is a motion of censure presented on November 8 by the independent deputy and former Republican Gonzalo de la Carrera, who joined an offensive promoted by deputies of Chile Vamos, the People’s Party (PDG) and the Republican Party, to take control of thirteen legislative commissions in the hands of the ruling party.
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After the approval of the censure, Deputy Manouchehri immediately left the presidency of the Economy Committee of the Lower House and in the next session his replacement will be elected. In any case, the socialist parliamentarian will continue to exercise his role as a legislator and member with voice and vote in the instance.
For Manouchehri, “it is clear that the end of censorship seems to be another.” “This commission is clear about the political purpose behind it. Today they want to censor the agenda we have promoted. SMEs, the millions of indebted, small businesses and the millions of people for whom we have worked are censored,” he lashed out.
The District 5 MP assured that “censorship is not going to stop us. Until we complete our goal, we will not rest. Parliamentarians will have to settle between lies and truth. I firmly believe that only by being on the side of truth is the future possible. We have confronted the interests of data traffickers, banks, AFPs and the powerful. And we will continue to do so. Our courage and courage to confront abuses cannot be censored.”
Before voting his censure, the legislator of the Coquimbo Region summoned Gonzalo De La Carrera, accusing that “this is based on the style of who presents it: the lie. During these months we have discussed projects of interest to millions of people, which at times the deputy who defends the interests of the powerful does not seem to understand.”
In defense of his administration, Manouchehri stressed the processing of projects that had the support of opposition and government parliamentarians. “The ‘Chao Dicom’, which favors 4 million people. The ‘Right to financial oblivion’ or ‘Historical Chao’, to almost 12 million Chileans. The ‘SME Lifesaver’, to more than 300 thousand small and medium-sized companies. The law that restricts the auction of family homes, to 8 million people.”
His party colleague and member of the same commission, Ana María Bravo (PS), described this accusation as “unfair” and “regrettable for coexistence.” “They are interrupting an agenda for the benefit of millions of Chileans, the indebted and SMEs, to enter these small political operations. And they’re doing it in the worst way. Following an accusation based on lying arguments, led by someone who has made news during all these months for attacking parliamentarians, including the president of the Economy himself, “he said.
“The indictment we voted on says that no motions by the members of the Commission have been tabled. However, in these seven months five motions of Deputy Mellado of RN, four of Deputy Cid of RN, four of Deputy Calisto, three of Deputy Barrera, three of Deputy Bravo, two of Deputy Bernales, two of Deputy Morales, one of Deputy Pino, and even a project of Deputy De La Carrera have been put on the table. Bravo charged.
In his speech, Deputy Daniel Manouchehri called for retaking the priorities of citizens. “Chileans want us to focus on what really interests them. The discrediting of the parliamentary function has a lot to do with this, with petty politics, with people who have no word, with those who justify their immoralities by saying that ‘this is politics’. “We have the responsibility to be on the side of the most unprotected, of that immense majority who, unlike us, have a low salary,” he concluded.

After the session, PC deputy Boris Barrera expressed his annoyance at the censorship, noting that “what he faced today was the representative of large entrepreneurs and the representative of SMEs and consumers”
“I think you also see how that part of the right that we consider a little more democratic, that We lived with them in the previous period, the same members of the commission were with us and we developed a good job, but they were cornered by the extreme right, by ‘Pancho Malo’ and De La Carrera. That right was the one that cornered the other right that is a little closer to the center because they were exposed to some funa, and surely they felt that pressure, “criticized Barrera.
Deputies Gonzalo De La Carrera (Former Rep), Victor Pino (PDG), Hotuiti Teao (representing Christian Matheson, ind-Evopoli), Miguel Mellado (RN), Joaquin Lavin Leon (UDI), Flor Weisse (UDI) and Sofía Cid (RN) voted in favor of censure. Meanwhile, the motion was rejected by deputies Daniel Manouchehri (PS), Ana María Bravo (PS), Boris Barrera (PC), Alejandro Bernales (PL), Jorge Sarffirio (representing DC Miguel Ángel Calisto) and Javiera Morales (CS).
“We achieved it #FueraManouchehri We recovered the Presidency of the Economy Commission of the Chamber of Deputies because the votes of Chilevamos and PDG were there. If you can!!!!,” Deputy De La Carrera celebrated on Twitter.

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