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After the first round of the World Cup, the feeling is clear that those who will be fighting for the scepter of the best in the world will practically be the same as always.
Although there are teams that did not shine with all their splendor or the background that they were preceded, we are analyzing the top candidates that Qatar 2022 now presents.
Brazil is the largest of them and in their presentation against Serbia, Tite’s team captured much of their playing power. He is very solid in defense, dynamic midfielders, and in attacking a variety of incredible players, giving himself the pleasure of leaving Firmino and Gabigol out of the roster, among others.
France, current world champions and with many important casualties before the start – Kanté, Pogba and Benzema – managed to debut by scoring against Australia and showing that the idea of the game that led them to win the title in Russia 2018, is intact.
Spain, who swept the first game, have a mix of Juventus and experienced, who worked perfectly against modest Costa Rica. With a high power of play and dynamics, Spain will have a stronger and quality squeeze, now against the defeated Germany on the first day.
England, which goes by the same formula as Spain, also unleashed its firepower against Iran. Kane and company are backed by notable players such as Bellingham, Sterling and Foden and Saka. Against the United States, a rival of a slightly better level, the selection of the three lions was complicated and could not overwhelm the Americans.
The doubts generated by Argentina and Germany with their defeats, without a doubt, can modify the whole picture in the face of the knockout stages. Both teams are obliged to win their second duel, against Mexico and Spain, respectively, in order to continue with the illusion of being able to have chances to advance.
Others, such as Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands and Croatia, debuted leaving some doubts. They did not achieve an expression of play that manages to excite, but they will still be on the list of possible qualifiers to the next round.

Separate point for the performance of Ecuador. Alfaro’s team, with 4 points, are showing a very intense and modern game. They beat Qatar, and the Netherlands had a great game, which they could well win. Ecuadorians are living a huge World Cup, who have a base of 23-24 years, with very interesting players and with unsuspected international projection.
Before the start of the tournament, the high percentage of the football world bets or places Brazil and France as the ideal final, as the final of the best teams currently in the world. But, of course, many things can happen, as Qatar 2022 is demonstrating so far.

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