Carlo Ancelotti’s praise for Enzo Fernández and Julián Álvarez

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti analysed the teams’ performance so far at the Qatar World Cup and praised Argentine captain Lionel Messi and the youngsters ex-River who earned the starting spot in recent matches, Julian Alvarez and Enzo Fernandez. The Argentines after the stumble against Saudi Arabia are back and Messi is playing at his best. The young Álvarez and Fernández are giving energy and enthusiasm to the team, “said the coach through his Instagram stories.After qualifying for the quarterfinals where he will face the Netherlands, the coach of Merenge did not ignore the performance of the midfielder and the midfielder: Álvarez against Poland and Australia, Fernández with a goal against Mexico and assistance against the Poles. “The World Cup enters the decisive phase, the most exciting, with the knockout matches. At the moment we already have Holland and Argentina in the quarterfinals, “added the champion of the Champions League, whom Lionel Scaloni admires.Finally, he concluded: “We will see what happens in these eighths, but I do not sense great surprises. On one side of the table we have Brazil and Argentina in charge. On the other, France, England, Portugal and Spain. Let’s see who makes it to the semifinals here… Good World Cup to all!”

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