Josko Gvardiol praised Lionel Messi after suffering it in the semifinals of the World Cup in Qatar

The young defender of Croatia Josko Gvardiol praised Lionel Messi on Thursday after suffering it during the duel between the Argentine National Team and the European team, corresponding to the semifinals of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. He had played against Messi in the past, but he is a completely different player when he has the shirt of his national team, “said Gvardiol, who hopes that the next time he faces the Rosario star he can beat him. On the other hand, the center of the Red Bull Leipzig of Germany said that it would be good to “receive the recognition of the best young player” of the contest, but stressed that it would be even better “to return home with a medal”, making clear reference to the match for third place against Morocco. Gvardiol clarified: “There is no player who does not make mistakes, especially in the position of the defense. Mistakes are an intrinsic part of sport and there are bound to be more. I will try to make them as few as possible.” Finally, the defender explained that he is physically well after playing conditioned the semifinals by a discomfort in one of his feet. “We still have two days to work and I am sure I will be fit,” he said.

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