Monsalve says the government filed a complaint against a man accused of starting a forest fire in Penco

Interior Undersecretary Manuel Monsalve said Friday night that the government filed a complaint against a 39-year-old man accused of starting a forest fire on the Playa Negra farm in Penco, Biobío Region.
“Regarding the situation of Penco, where a person who was discovered has been arrested red-handed generating a forest fire, of course, the Government has filed a complaint for the crime of fire and tomorrow (Saturday) the Ministry of the Interior will be present at the formalization hearing,” Monsalve said from the headquarters of the National Emergency Office of the Ministry of the Interior (Onemi).
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“99% of fires are caused by human action. The first call, therefore, to all Chileans to collaborate so that there are no fires, and therefore, not to generate situations of risk, but also to say with great determination that the Government will seek the criminal and criminal responsibilities of all those who intentionally generate a fire, “he added.
He also said that “we are not going to accept that forest fires are intentionally generated that also put people’s safety at risk and in that we are going to be inflexible in terms of complaining and persecuting, requesting the necessary diligences, the identification and responsibility of those who have committed these crimes. ”
Onemi reported Friday night there are a total of 95 forest fires registered nationwide: one under observation, eight in combat, 60 controlled and 26 extinguished.

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