English police investigate allegations of abuse at Chilean refugee hotel in London in 1978

English police detectives are investigating allegations of sexual abuse of children 44 years ago at a hotel used for refugees.
In 1978, the Pembridge Hotel in Pembridge Square, west London, was used as a refuge by the Solidarity Campaign with Chile.
Staff members are available to receive testimonies from anyone who has worked or resided at the compound during that period.
After 1978, residents were relocated throughout the United Kingdom.
In June 2021, police received a report from a female resident who was nine years old at the time of the reported incident.
Scotland Yard said the suspect’s name was Sato and he may have been known by the nickname Cameu or Cauneu.
The victim also recalled seeing other children being abused by the same man.

Detective Pat Tully said: “I am available to hear testimony from anyone who has been to the hotel in 1978, to ensure that victims of abuse receive the support they may still require. It’s been a long time, but I’m convinced that anyone affected by incidents like these will remember them and I urge people to make contact” with the police.

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