Assassination attempt: CFK’s request to arrest members of the Federal Revolution rejected

The Justice rejected the requests of Vice President Cristina Kirchner to arrest members of the Federal Revolution group, for their alleged link with the assassination attempt that occurred last September. “With regard to the requests for the arrest of Jonathan Morel, Gastón Guerra and Leonardo Sosa, whose ambulatory freedom has already been decided by the Chamber of the jurisdiction and without noticing the subsequent modification of their procedural behavior in a sense that alters the foundations of the Superior, there is no place,” Judge Marcelo Martínez de Giorgi ruled last night on the requests to arrest Jonathan Morel. Gastón Guerra and Leonardo Sosa.No however, suggested to the lawsuit representing the former president – headed by lawyers José Ubeira and Marcos Aldazábal – that she request the arrests of Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti, who is in charge of the investigation into the attempted murder itself. This request is in line with the vice president’s theory about the case for the assassination attempt against her: that the fact transcends the material authors and that there is an organization behind it. The magistrate also dismissed the vice president’s request to search the home of Ximena De Tezanos Pinto, the woman who lives upstairs of the apartment that the head of the Senate has on the corner of Juncal and Uruguay.Martínez de Giorgi considered “appropriate to require, instead, the pertinent reports through social networks in which the named interacted so that the cell phone subscriber is referred to the which was associated.” “Once this has been accomplished, the totality of the activity of the named between the first publication of the Federal Revolution and the present day is reported,” the judge ordered.

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