Moreno: A drunk driver embedded himself in a house and murdered two minors

Around 5:30 a.m. on Saturday, a drunk driver embedded his car inside a house in the town of Moreno and killed two minors, ages 7 and 13. Unfortunately we have to report this fateful fact where two minors die, one of 7 and another of 13 years after a car is embedded in the house, “said the Secretary of Security of Moreno, Juan Manuel Ciucio.The fact happened in a house located at the intersection of Roca Avenue and Quilmes, while witnesses indicated that the vehicle arrived from the Buen Ayre road, It crashed into a bus stop and embedded itself in the home. Then, the 42-year-old driver tried to escape, but the neighbors held him about fifteen blocks from the fact until the arrival of the authorities. In addition, Ciucio added in dialogue with TN that “apparently, the car loses control. We understand that he had a blood alcohol content, they are determining how much.” On Monday, the detainee will be investigated for the crime of double culpable homicide aggravated by the number of victims, for reckless guilt and speeding, since they suspect that he drove at more than 100 kilometers per hour. On December 16, the Buenos Aires Legislature approved the law of zero tolerance of alcohol in blood, seeking to reduce the number of victims of traffic accidents.

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