Government after request for report from the Comptroller to the Ministry of Justice for pardons delivered by President Boric: “As an Executive we are not worried”

The Minister of the Interior, Carolina Tohá, referred to the request for background information by the Comptroller’s Office to the Ministry of Justice on the pardons delivered by President Gabriel Boric to 12 convicted of crimes in the framework of the social outbreak and the exfrentista Jorge Mateluna.
In that line, the Secretary of State pointed out that “it is totally normal that the Comptroller’s Office, at the request of parliamentarians, requests the information,” and that “at least as an Executive we are not worried.” This, since from the UDI the requirement was entered to the agency.
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“The Executive has said several times that this entire procedure was done according to the law, with all the respective care, but the Comptroller’s Office is a controlling body and at the request of parliamentarians can request the background,” Tohá said.
Faced with requests from parliamentarians that the pardons be revoked, Tohá said that “I think that yesterday the Executive spoke quite clearly about all these issues and there is nothing new from yesterday to today that will change the criteria that were expressed.”
“The Executive considers it normal for the Comptroller’s Office to request background information when there is a concern of parliamentarians. Nothing new to add. Yesterday the minister spokeswoman referred to this issue, she was quite clear, there is nothing new to add,” Toha concluded.

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