CES 2023: what are the novelties of Android for this year

During a new edition of CES 2023, Google introduced Android innovations that continue to help diverse devices work better together, hand in hand with new ways to experience entertainment. Did you know that there are more than 3 billion active Android devices worldwide, and even other devices — like Chromecast or Google Home — are used alongside them? Here are some new features presented: With the release of Android 13, an update was introduced in the media player of the lock screen and a notification section on Android phones that allows you to quickly select on which devices (compatible with Bluetooth or integrated Chromecast) play content. It is currently available with YouTube and YouTube Music. In addition, this year, the company is working closely with Spotify to allow people to more easily switch their playbacks between any Spotify Connect device from the Android media player.A way for audio content to accompany people throughout the day on different devices is also being developed. Through notifications, you can start listening to a podcast in the car, continue on your phone and headphones, and end up on a home TV. As users move from place to place, they will see these media notifications on the phone or other devices asking if you want to transfer the audio to a nearby device. To achieve this, Google is working with Spotify and YouTube Music to help enjoy your favorite content anytime, anywhere. For Android Auto, the company introduced new features and updates to enhance the travel experience and connect your Android phone to the car’s display:New driving experience: Starting today, the new Android Auto design prioritizes three important goals for drivers: communicating with friends and family, playing music or podcasts, and accessing travel directions more easily. The latter means, for example, that, while driving, the driver will be able to search and follow the directions on the map in a simpler way.  The digital key: You can now share a digital car key between Pixel phones and iPhone for easy access to trusted family and friends. Key sharing is also coming soon to Samsung phones, and Xiaomi users will be able to use and share digital car keys later this year. In addition to being compatible with BMW, the digital key will continue to expand to more brands. How to do more with Google built-in: Cars with Google built-in bring Google Assistant, Google Maps, and more Google Play apps directly to the car’s display without relying on a phone. These functions will be implemented throughout the year. In turn, you can access this official blog “This is Google” with all the Android news that were shared within the framework of CES. 

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