The letter from the mother of Ángeles Rawson to the parents of Fernando Báez Sosa: “Even if justice is achieved, the children do not return”

Jimena Aduriz, the mother of Ángeles Rawson, the teenager who was murdered by Jorge Mangeri, the person in charge of the building where she lived, wrote a letter in which she wishes that Graciela Sosa and Silvino Báez, the family of Fernando Báez Sosa, “have the strength to go through” the judicial process for the murder of their son. The trial for the murder of a son is to live again but with more horror the crudest moments of those moments that changed our lives, “begins the text that the woman published on the social network Facebook at the beginning of the hearings that take place in the Oral Criminal Court 1 of Dolores, that will give its verdict regarding the events of the early morning of January 18, 2020 (this Wednesday will be three years old), which culminated in the life of Fernando, at the door of the Le Brique bowling alley in Villa Gesell, where he had gone on vacation with his friends. Aduriz looked for words that described what the trial means for the relatives of victims, who, like her, had to go through. “It is facing the murderer, knowing chilling details, watching videos of death or the previous moments, listening to the defense that in its strategy tries to overthrow the truth, and all that maintaining temperance and silence. It is one of the most revictimizing situations if not the cruelest that a human being can live and even if justice is achieved, the children do not return,” he said. I only pray to God that in this sorrow, Graciela and Silvino have the strength to go through it. Like so many other parents. And like so many others who do not even reach this instance or arrive and do not have justice, “said the woman, who at every opportunity seeks to raise awareness and provide a message of support to the family and Justice for Fernando. ” Giving a message of solidarity at such an extreme moment is an act of indescribable greatness “In another post, Jimena Aduriz, referred to interreligious prayer along with the solidarity collection that Graciela and Silvino organized for this Wednesday 18 – three years after the crime – where in homage to Fernando, they will gather non-perishable food and school supplies.” To give a message of peace and solidarity at such an extreme time is an act of indescribable greatness. Beautiful Graciela and Silvino. We love you with all our hearts,” he said in spreading the invitation. The eight defendants and accused of the murder of Fernando are Máximo Thomsen, Ciro Pertossi, Enzo Comelli, Matías Benicelli, Blas Cinalli, Lucas Pertossi, Ayrton Viollaz and Luciano Pertossi. In dialogue with Telam, Aduriz said that the reasons that led her to write the letter was that “in terms of containment,” “when someone speaks your same language is the best way to help.” “The idea is that they (Fernando’s parents) know that there is someone who was on that side and so that others also understand what it is like to be in a trial,” he said. Regarding the femicide of his daughter and the evidence presented in these weeks, he said that “the forcefulness that exists with the evidence is much stronger than with Mangeri.” “Despite the DNA that was in Angels’ fingernails, because there are cameras and a lot of elements that they can’t get rid of. They are perverse people who act like this, they have much remedy. Those who beat him are just as responsible as those who filmed him as those who prevented them from helping him. I think they are incorrigible people,” he said.

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