Fatima Flores replied live to Moria: “No one is going to direct my show”

The 2023 summer season began with some difficulties for Fátima Flores who always tends to be among the most convening shows. However, the controversy arose unexpectedly, when Moria Casán, accused the comedian of imitating her without her commitment and if she continues to do so, she must pay her. For this conflict and after the “rebellion” of Fatima to continue with her show as it was planned, without taking out the figure, the capocomica was on a mobile for Intruders and answered directly to “La one”. The first thing that Fatima answered, to Florencia de la V, was if after continuing with the imitation she still thinks that everything is a media game: “It seems to me that it is getting a little out of hand, and also it seems to me that it is very personalized to Fatima, to me, when in reality there are many people who imitate it. ” he began by saying. Then he continued, “Obviously Moria knows that I’ve been doing it for many years, and she never had any problems, or at least she never expressed it to me. And well for some time this topic began, which is talked about every day, which I thought was a joke, “he analyzed. It was there that Karina Iavícoli reminded her of a note in “Partners of the Show” when Fatima at Moria’s request “sent her to work, if she wanted money” and said: “Just send Moria to work, who has been working for 50 years, the joke was strange. It would be nice if you could do a self-criticism,” the panelist warned. To which, surprised, Flores replied: “But what self-criticism if all I do is make a character, super careful, professional, thorough in what I say in the look,” she pointed out and spoke to the panelist: “You know well Karina, what I do, do not prick me out there.” The crossing continued with the response of the journalist: “I know that you are an excellent professional, what I can not believe, really is that you still doubt, if it is a game or not, when it is clear that it is not a game. And I also don’t understand why you keep doing it, if that can bring you a problem, it wouldn’t be easier to say ‘I don’t do it anymore and that’s it’. If you don’t depend on her,” he reproached. “Of course I do not depend on her, the work lasts 1 hour 45, of which the scketch of “Las Divas” is a little while, and the character in total would be 8 minutes. But it seems to me that if everyone starts saying ‘I don’t want you to do me’, it’s anything. And I find it extremely discriminatory, and personalized about Fatima,” he said. At the same time, several members of the panel began to receive messages from Moria, who in bad terms addressed the comedian. There it was Guido Zàffora who asked him: “So you are waiting for a letter document to arrive at the theater, otherwise are you not going to take the character of Moria Casán out of your shows?” To which visibly distressed Fatima replied: “There are children it seems to me that justice has much more important things than this. Please,” and referred to the case of Fernando Baéz Sosa.  However, the panelists criticized the comparison and told him that “what he was saying was,” before the latent manifestation of anguish that Fatima tried to lessen, with the attack of the members of the floor. To close and after they read the messages that Moria sent to the floor, the comedian took a more imposing attitude and assured that she will not take the character out of her shows, because she is not willing to let anyone handle her show, after so many years of trajectory and having fought so much to be where she is. 

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