Bar Association dismisses petition for sanction against Nicolás López’s defense of victims

During this week it was announced that the Bar Association rejected that the lawyer and director of the Foundation for Trust, Juan Pablo Hermosilla, had contravened the code of ethics of said trade association in the framework of the defense and protection of the victims of Nicolás López. 
“We express our absolute agreement with the decision of the Committee and reiterate that all the actions of our team have as their sole objective to ensure the protection and care of those who approach our organization in search of support and accompaniment,” the foundation said about the union’s decision.
It should be remembered that a few months ago the defender of Nicolás López, Paula Vial, filed a claim against Hermosilla. Subsequently, the investigating lawyer of the case, Sebastián Rivas, said that the director of the foundation, “formulated between July and November 2018, a series of immoderate, inaccurate statements prohibited by the disciplinary order”, which would have ignored the regulations of the Bar Association.
According to the background, Hermosilla “participating in a criminal proceeding against Mr. Nicolás López, did not refrain from interacting with the media through statements that had the ability or potential to affect impartiality in the conduct of the investigation and the decision of the matter submitted to the courts.” points out the document against the member of the Foundation for Trust.  
Faced with this situation, Rivas requested to sanction Juan Pablo Hermosilla with the suspension of his collegiate rights for 15 days with publicity in the Revista del Abogado.
Finally, according to the foundation’s statement, the Bar Association dismissed the accused acts. “We thank Juan Pablo for his courage, excellence, commitment and professionalism for more than 30 years fighting for a world without abuse,” the organization said.
Read the Foundation for Trust statement here.

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