Curfew decreed in Coronel for forest fire that exceeded 4 thousand hectares damaged: no homes or people affected are reported

In the framework of a new meeting of the Disaster Risk Management Committee (Cogrid) in the commune of Coronel, Biobío region, the various authorities confirmed that the forest fire affecting the area reached a balance of 4 thousand hectares consumed.
As a result of the situation, the mayor of the commune, Boris Chamorro, said that it is a “fire of high intensity”, so he requested that a curfew be decreed in Coronel. The request was admitted by the head of Defense for the Biobío region, Jorge Keitel, who gave more details about it.
“We are going to decree a curfew in the commune of Coronel. In the understanding that it is about protecting the personnel who are fighting the fire on the front line, avoiding new sources of fires and also protecting the belongings of people who could be evacuated, “said Keitel.
Specifically, the measure will take effect from this Sunday, February 19, and will be in force between 00:00 and 05:00 hours. At the moment there have been no injured people or affected homes as a result of the emergency in the commune.
As for the fight against the forest fire, almost 300 volunteer firefighters are currently working, together with Conaf officials and forest brigades.

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