Broke Carrey released “Buenos Aires Motel”, their first album

At midnight this Friday came out “Buenos Aires Motel”, the debut album of Broke Carrey, perhaps the most enigmatic member of the Rip Gang (that crew formed by Dillom, Taichu, Saramalacara, Odd Mami, among others) for being the one that has released the least solo singles. Until today.” BAM”, as the album is abbreviated, has 15 tracks, of which only four were already known, and all have the production of Lamadrid. The new collaborations have the eminence of national pop Juliana Gattas in “0800” and the spicy Taichu for “Compa”. However, the highest moments of this album are undoubtedly the ones he has solo. And that could be confirmed this past Thursday night in a Margarita Xirgú Theater set like an old hotel with its respective receptionist / button, a pianist playing lobby songs and even a maid outraged by the cleanliness. After 20hs the entrance to the room in which the main room of this Buenos Aires Motel was discovered, where Carrey lay still dozing on a bed and surrounded by suitcases with empty clothes and bottles was ordered. ” Memento”, the theme that opens the album, was chosen to start. Still wearing blue silk pajamas and tripping over things in the room, Juliana Gattas entered almost unnoticed in the darkness to do “0800” and leave without him being able to serve her even a drink. “The same as dying,” a soft bachata, continued the setlist as Carrey struggled to dress and take courage to go outside. Te Kiero”, a cumbia that in its end exhausts the partying and gets very dark, gave way to “2018”, the most introspective and vulnerable moment of all the work. “X las dudas” came to cut that mambo, exploding the place in lights and buffers to the stick. “Prosegur” anticipated the end but not the one that ended up giving: “Solo” with a wind orchestra that from the beginning was waiting behind the closed curtain. In quarantine in 2020 after listening to some vinyls of my uncle Pablo who passed away before I was born I was inspired to do something that sounds like Buenos Aires. Virus, Sumo, Los Redondos, Fito, for me they sounded like Buenos Aires and I wanted to create something that sounds like the city I love so much,” he explained at the end of the performance. And it seems that today there will be one more surprise that, he clarified, is not a show. 

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