Power outages: how to protect electronic devices from a change in voltage

Power cuts and voltage rises and falls are not new, and these hesitations can cause damage to all types of electronic devices. Nowadays most jobs are carried out in a hybrid way, which means that they require the use of a computer – and even more in some cases – that is why it is essential to know the steps to follow in case of a failure in the electrical system. Sudden changes in voltage can burn the internal electronic cards of a computer and cause the equipment to be completely destroyed. All electronic devices are designed to operate at specific voltages, which is why a power outage, which generates a drop in the volts that equipment needs, can damage your circuits.”When the power goes out we recommend unplugging all electronic devices instantly, because if the voltage drop did not damage it, the rise of the same can do so”, explains Gabriel Bahamondes, Technical Marketing and PR Coordinator for Spanish-speaking South America at ASUS. “It is possible that when the electricity returns, it will do so at lower or higher than normal levels. In these cases, speaking specifically of notebooks, the charger would be affected, an element that protects the computer against electrical changes” he added. In turn, the ASUS expert suggests using voltage protectors for home consumption, which before a change in the current, cuts the power supply to prevent the equipment from receiving a harmful amount of volts for your system. This product is recommended for notebooks and other electronic devices. On the other hand, there are voltage stabilizers, which will allow maintaining a firm current flow at its output, although there are voltage variations in its input. “In the case of offices, the entire power line can be regulated, using a stabilizer in the computer center”, adds Bahamondes. “When choosing a voltage protector or stabilizer, it is advisable to consult an expert, since you have to take into account in which device it will be used, and its power and specific electrical needs.“, he concluded.

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