Ezeiza: They thwarted the escape of a drug trafficker from Rosario

Personnel of the Federal Police and the Federal Penitentiary Service (SPF) thwarted yesterday afternoon the escape by helicopter from the Ezeiza prison of Esteban Lindor Alvarado – convicted of leading an illicit association – and arrested the airplane pilot and his accomplice. A movie leak was about to happen Friday afternoon when Alvarado, previously worried about the helicopter ride, intended to escape from the Ezeiza prison. Sentenced to life in prison for driving from prison a gang that committed crimes such as homicides, threats and extortion during 2012 and 2018, he had set the time of 2:30 p.m. on Friday to escape in a Robinson 44 helicopter, his face covered by a mask. However, the work of the authorities managed to detect the escape, prevent the situation and arrest those involved. Months of organizing were also frustrated by obtaining criminal intelligence, which allowed investigators to discover unusual movements such as buying a helicopter abroad, also involved in money laundering maneuvers. Thus, the authorities arrested the pilot of plane Andrés Donet at the Gualeguaychú airfield, and an accomplice, identified as Gianlucca Orpianessi, in the streets of the city. The original plan was to climb through a net to the helicopter that would descend briefly to the prison yard, to travel hanging to General Rodríguez. There, members of his gang would wait for him to head towards his final destination, not detected by the investigation. Subsequently, the conversations in which Cantero, along with his accomplices, organized the escape were revealed. “Lobo, I watch videos and they don’t even go to rescue. It’s going to be so fast, that we’re not going to give time to anything, you have to face direct as I marked you, “he explained, adding “maximum 20 seconds”. Currently, the case appears labeled as N.N. S / Evasion and violation of Law 23,737, and the detainees will give a statement to Federal Judge No. 2 of Lomas de Zamora Ernesto Kreplak in the next few hours.

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