Georgina Barbarossa spoke after replacing Jey Mammon in the Peña del Morfi

This Sunday, Georgina Barbarossa accompanied the musical cycle and interviews “La Peña del Morfi”, after Telefe decided to disassociate Jey Mammon after being pointed out in a case for child abuse. The morning host of the channel carried out the program with Jésica Cirio historical co-host of “La Peña”, who started the program saying a few words about the delicate situation, “we accompany the decision of the channel”, said Jésica who immediately gave Georgina the foot to change the solemnity of the moment and take the cycle with humor and joy “The show must continue”, Assured. At the exit of the channel, Georgina spoke to some media and told what she thought of Jésica Cirio’s disclaimer about the situation and said: “I thought it was very good, I already knew what I was going to say. The show must go on. We talked about it before,” he said. However, he avoided talking about Jey Mammon and denied having communicated with the driver: “I’m not going to talk about it. We are rowing it to carry out the programming, “he said referring to his participation in La Peña del Morfi while making it clear that if the channel asks him, he will continue to be at the forefront of the cycle. On the disclaimer made by Jey Mammon’s lawyers in networks, he said: “It’s what his lawyer told him, if he said he’s fine, I guess he’ll be fine. I’m not a lawyer.” To close he said: “It seems to me that we have to lower the waters, until Justice is issued and a little is known, everything is very mixed. If they call me next Sunday, I’ll be there.”

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