Galtier defended Messi after whistles from PSG fans

After being praised and honored in Argentina during the double FIFA date played by the National Team in our country, Lionel Messi was whistled on his return to the Parc des Princes, where he lost to Paris Saint-Germain by 1 to 0 against Lyon.Por the date 29 of the Ligue 1 of France, PSG fell to the team in which another Argentine world champion plays, Nicolás Tagliafico, and deepened his bad present despite the fact that he is leading (66 units) and with six points ahead of the escorts Lens and Olympique de Marseille.En the previous match, when he was announced among the headlines by the voice of the stadium, the Argentine captain was whistled by the fans of the Parisian team. On this situation, coach Christophe Galtier spoke at a press conference and said: “It’s very tough. He’s a player who gives a lot. Today Leo tried, achieved some situations but he also got lost. He gave a lot in the first part of the season but we can’t expect everything from him.” On the other hand, the one who also defended the Flea was Tagliafico, his teammate of the National Team. “We try to give our best at all times, whether in the national team or in the clubs. That will be seen later. I don’t know what will happen. How important it is that you feel happy and can show the game you have. For now, from what I see, he is very clear and tries to give his best to win here. We’ll see what happens,” the defender said.

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