Filo.explica│The Pixar theory: do all movies happen in the same universe?

Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille and more. This animation studio revolutionized the way we make films for boys and girls and changed the lives of adults as well. His characters are loved as if they really existed, and ultimately changed popular culture around the world. Pixar’s story is like that of many successful audiovisual companies. It was founded by Edwin Catmull and Alvy Ray Smith in 1979 when they were fired from a previous job. They went to work in a computer division of Lucasfilm, George Lucas’ company. Ten years later it was bought by Steve Jobs. In 1995 his first feature film was released, which turned out to be the first computer-animated in the history of cinema: Toy Story. There is a character in Toy Story 2, Jessie the Cowgirl, who is a doll of the character Boo in Monsters Inc. Monsters Inc also features Nemo, the little fish who stars in another Pixar movie. While in Finding Nemo he is a real fish, and he is about the story, in the monster movie he is a toy. Except for Monsters Inc, in all Pixar films the number A113 appears in one way or another. It is the class code of the California Institute of the Arts where many of Pixar’s animators studied in their youth. Steve Jobs was key in the beginnings of the audiovisual company and the studio honored him in his own way. The movie Cars features a white car bearing the logo of Apple, the company Jobs founded, and the number 84. This is the year in which the entrepreneur began selling computers. In the movie Coco, piñatas are sold in the shape of the characters of Toy Story and Monsters Inc; Toy Story 3 features a car that is the same as Cars’ Lightning McQueen; in Finding Nemo a boy reads a comic book from The Incredibles; and so on. The Pixar Theory was created by a film critic named Jon Negroni, who was the first to notice the consequence of crossovers between films. In addition to all these crazy connections between movies, Negroni posits that there is a chronology. In the movie Brave, Merida is a girl who discovers that she has magical powers, but mistakenly turns her mother into a bear. From what happens in Brave, Pixar films will develop a recurring theme: the confrontation between animals, machines and human beings. One of the great keys of the Pixar Theory is the witch of the movie Brave. It’s about a character who appears and disappears through doors, and who could be a time traveler… Boo, from Monsters Inc?

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