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“Obsesión (Remix)”, by quediostesalve, Dani Ride and Paco MirandaFive months have passed since the premiere of María, the debut album of quediostesalve. Today, the Chilean composer who has given to talk thanks to her magnetic sound and an aesthetic full of symbolism and metaphors, reappears with the remix of “Obsesión”, an ecstatic and powerful single made in collaboration with two iconic figures of current national pop: Dani Ride and Paco Miranda. Complicated” of this summer I did not go to the beachThe band marplatense this summer I did not go to the beach returns with its new song “Complicated” to bring a breeze of nostalgia, a story of something similar to love, egos and distracted hearts that are confused very easily. The song was recorded before the start last summer and in terms of sound they took elements of the classic Argentine Beat song but without neglecting its characteristic beach sound. The Cordovan artist Nano Mundano takes up his challenge towards the modernization of Argentine pop with the release of his new album “Sad”, the result of a series of various stimuli completely turned to musical composition. Specifically, it is an album of 8 songs inspired by the pain caused by detachment, but also in overcoming a crisis. In “Sad,” Nano Mundano attempts to uncover the roots of the self-destructive feelings that emerge after romantic disengagement. Buen viaje” by Popi TassPopi Tass presents Buen viaje its second album, it was recorded at TNG Estudio and DMB Estudio. Buen viaje has 8 songs composed by Popi taking us on a journey of different songs but always full of emotions. As a cut of this album comes “Emoción” a song that shows life as a journey, where the seasons can be very different.
JP Saxe’s singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist JP Saxe releases his new song, “I Don’t Miss You,” the lead single from his upcoming album, scheduled for release later this year. The highly anticipated single was produced by producer Malay with co-writing and guitar by John Mayer. I Don’t Miss You” has a captivating concept in which Saxe invites his fans into different virtual “rooms”, each representing the ways we lie to and distract ourselves, namely through social media, work, drugs/alcohol, sleep and sex. “Acariciando Sola” by OtroOtro has just released her debut single “Acariciando Sola” and is already making waves in the music scene. This song marks the beginning of a new stage, in which he intends to navigate the avant-garde uniting technology and art; from the gestation of ideas with artificial intelligence, implementing NFTs and creating their own platform where they can exhibit all the pieces of their work. Last Saturday, April 1st, OTRO performed at the iconic Niceto Club in Buenos Aires, in a show that left everyone wanting more.” After a successful presentation at the Cosquín Festival, stepping on the majestic Atahualpa Yupanqui stage of the Plaza Próspero Molina, and before their show at Café Berlin in Buenos Aires, the band formed by Mauro, Jairo and Pablo makes an important announcement. Tribhu presents its third broadcast cut baptized with the name of “Dar la vida”. The unpublished piece saw the light for the first time in the Peña de Morfi, was presented exclusively in a captivating show of the band, which had ratings peaks. V 2.0″ by Juana RozasJuana Rozas releases “V2.0”, her EP with remixes and unmissable collaborations. On April 28 at 00:00h at UNICLUB he will perform live with his dj Bruno Donato and producer sharing date with Six Sex, Anita B Queen, Fiah Miau and Drake is my pappi. After the success of her debut album “Vladi”, produced by Mailo and released in November 2022, Juana surprises us again with five tracks, including three unreleased remixes and two tracks already known but revitalized in this new material. Nico Lindblom musician Nico Lindblom is celebrating the release of “Collage”, his new rock and pop album full of Buenos Aires nostalgia and heartbreak. “Calle Corrientes” sounds and the soul and funk of R&B in drums and guitar join a modal melody proposing a unique sound, marking the path of a pop-rock fusion that will accompany us throughout the material. So we find a blues in “Organic Honey” and with more intimate moments like “En la Mañana” where hip hop converges in a natural way. Waits, ideals, disagreements, streets, planets, a guitar at times with sustain pope like “Idealizándote”, others with rock soul in “Marte” or with a Groove of the 80s as in “Chen Pienso en Vos” and 60s “Una Vez Más”; Songs that already sound like hit.” Bardo” by Laika Perra RusaLaika Perra Rusa presents her new single “Bardo”, second and last advance of what will be her next album that is expected for mid-year. “Bardo” is a song reminiscent of house ballads, with the constant marking of the piano and an accent on percussion. Beyond that, the lyrics present us with a peculiar situation: one type approaches another with the certainty that a catastrophic event is about to occur. The interesting thing is that, instead of being alarmed, the narrator decides to dedicate those last moments in the world to declare his love.” Confused” by Manu Dal Santo”Confused”, the new song by Manu Dal Santo, quickly became a hit, came out 3 weeks ago and already has more than 200,000 views on YouTube and 30,000 on Spotify.Ideal for romantics and lovers of bachata, “Confused” was produced by Lucato, with the participation of the well-known guitarist Pol Poloni, and filmed on the wonderful beach of Monte Hermoso by film director Cesar Turturro, with the collaboration in drones of the experienced Colombian Reinaldo O.” PantherPanther’s “returns to the scene, in this case with an R&B that presents a much more mature facet of the artist: “Los dos”, the song that tells a story of passion between two people desperate to meet. Written by Panther and whose video clip was directed by Donati, it was filmed in northern Argentina reaching up to 4100 meters high, where the incredible natural landscapes are protagonists once again as the artist has accustomed us in each audiovisual piece he presents. ” Cuban singer, guitarist and composer Eliades Ochoa announced his new album “Guajiro,” which will be released May 26 via World Circuit Records/BMG. The first single “Se Soltó Un León” is a classic Puerto Rican with overwhelming arrangements that is now available on all platforms, with a vibrant accompanying video clip. Cosologias” by Gigio GonzalezCosologias is the new album by Gigio Gonzalez, a group of urban stories, full of characters and real stories that give a glimpse of what lives under the forms of the surface. This is how the angel who dies in his apartment parades, the moon that is disheartened on the roof, the girl on a scooter, curled up to an old obsession, the one who dreams of giving up drugs and going to live by the sea, the one who travels in his mind far from the screens, the one who looks and defies death.

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