Gabriel Goity: the boy before the Puma and the adventure of traveling to revert the classic that marked his childhood

Historically, Disney found the mainstay of its machinery, which immortalized it through the years. That Walt, amazed by the impact that legends and stories had on him, was responsible for taking classics of literature and generating his own (and several) versions. Its composition of worlds, and the attraction for cinema and screens achieved for many the closest thing to being in contact with a certain type of magic. In the offices that the company has in Argentina, where you are received by princesses Anna and Elsa in giant size, murals of Minnie and Loki, illuminated images of Aladdin and the Genie animated, elevators of each of the associated companies (such as National Geographic, ESPN), and figures from the Star Wars universe (by George Lucas) that exceed the seventy meter and precede a room of corridors and desks; the actor presents “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, the new original series of the platform. It is the first adaptation made by Disney and to include writer Jules Verne as a character.” I am very happy. Now that I saw the first chapter, more. Personally, I love these projects: with the possibility of doing a character like Jules Verne, of which I am an admirer. He was the first author who took me to reading, in the famous Billiken collection from when I was a child,” he tells Filo.News, while going back to his childhood, years before a friend baptized him as the Puma.De Argentina to Mexico, at the center of the EarthThe essence of Verne’s story, He proposes to move to other areas, towards there the journey is undertaken. For Goity, who as a child once imagined the worlds of the writer, his lands of magma and sediments, he arrived with the ticket to one of his… “dreams” would be the right word in the Disney field. Like the character who waits for the chance and that’s where his film starts.” The illusion, isn’t it? What I loved being able to travel: the possibility of filming in another country, nothing less than in Mexico, which is a mecca of what the audiovisual industry is. The ‘it’s happening’. I always did a lot of theater and I don’t like to say that it limited it because I’m very grateful for my work, but it has happened to me that they told me ‘we have a project’ and I ‘look I have theater from Wednesday to Sunday’. Even with movies that can be shot here… ‘It’s two days in Catamarca’, ‘ah I can’t either’, he says with his characteristic humor. But I don’t feel like I missed anything. I have no unfinished business, I make my career very happy. But look, everything coincided: because I was doing theater but we had to close because of the pandemic, and that’s where this call comes. I said, ‘I can’t believe it.’ If they called me a week before, I couldn’t do it,” he adds. The real prize is when I am called for a project. I’m excited to be chosen for a character”, Gabriel Goity.Al arrived, made filming days for ten days in the Federal District. “They involved a lot of work because I had to shoot many episodes in a few days. But I love working on this, I’m grateful, and nothing better than doing what you like so I threw myself in the woods,” he acknowledges. In Argentina there is fervor to work. We risk our lives and face a project as if it were the last one we do”, Gabriel Goity.The actor comes from playing Matías Zambrano, the president of the consortium in “El Encargado” with Guillermo Francella, a series of the duo of filmmakers Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat (creators of “El ciudadano Ilustre”, “4×4”, “Competencia oficial”, and more), on the Star+ platform, which belongs to the Disney conglomerate but in its content for adult audiences. This year, which promises the arrival of its second season, led him to the challenge of composing a fiction for children, an almost personal challenge because of his connection with Verne’s novel. I enjoy it very much. The real prize I feel is when I am called for a project. I’m excited to be cast for a character. I really like reading and I encourage my children to turn to the book, take their heads off the screen a little and listen to the sound of the pages. Everything was a very big conjunction so that the enthusiasm I have is constant, the privilege of doing this profession that I love, “he says.* How does this story still apply to you? It is a version inspired by “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. Disney has the best authors who are dedicated to this. I think it’s very smart because it’s going to stimulate the boys, they’re going to ask themselves: who is Jules Verne? And with that curiosity, they will go looking for those books and find a wonderful world where imagination flies, which is what fundamentally stimulates this project. The finding is to give it a Much more current look without losing the essence.Gabriel Goity – España | Photo: Courtesy of the press.Diego (Sebastián García) and his friends travel the core of the Earth. Protected with their suits and guided through their sensors, they detect the presence of a dinosaur, which they try to repel. The creature is not deterred, and the group of explorers runs towards a precipice from which they fall. But their dramatic ending fades when Diego’s older brother interrupts them and they take off their virtual reality glasses. Detail of the advance of science, which frames the passage of decades through the versions that are taking the classic of Verne.Journey to the Center of the Earth it was first adapted into a 1959 film directed by Henry Levin and starring James Mason. Then it had a Spanish version in 1976, made by Juan Piquer Simón; and in 2008, Eric Brevig presented his film for Walden Media and New Line Cinema with Brendan Fraser, Josh Hutcherson, Anita Briem and Seth Meyers. So far, Disney has only adapted one of Verne’s books, “Around the World in 80 Days” (Frank Coraci) which he released in 2004, with Jackie Chan. In “Viaje al centro de la Tierra”, Diego (Sebastián García), his brother and friends are sent by their parents to the camp of Pompilio Calderón (a charismatic Óscar Jaenada, after being Luisito Rey in Luis Miguel’s series). There, a sequence of scenes will recall references to the best style “Game of twins” (1999). But mainly it will connect them with a portal to another dimension. The cast is completed with the performances of Manuel Márquez (Pedro), Paola Miguel (Ana), Valery Sais (Laura), Camila Núñez (Violeta), Carla Adell (Andrea), Emilio Treviño (Felipe), Israel Capetillo (Mauro), Camila Valero (Evelyn), Luigi Cerrada (Antonio), Luciana Tappan (Raquel), Daniel Sáez (Pote) and Maximiliano Uribe. While the direction is in charge of the filmmaker J.M. Cravioto (“Monarch”, “Diablero”). For his part, Goity had the peculiarity of assembling the character without previous references. How was the experience of composing without having any records? To simple features you can appreciate the work of achieving a French accent, and the change of appearance with a white hair, to resemble it.” Of course, because I only knew his work”— confirms the actor — “I refer to what the authors write in the scripts, how they saw this Jules Verne and from that I was thinking about how he would develop in his situations. I think that’s where I aimed and put all my heart into it.” At the beginning of the first episode, Verne writes a series of instructions for those who follow his legacy. Something that can even be interpreted in the generations that resignify and resignify for years, their history (first published in 1864).Gabriel Goity – España | Photo: Courtesy of the press.* Disney often connects us with that child, inner girl, right? In your case, in addition to your experience as a boy with the novel, the work with a cast of boys and girls was added. The child plays and believes the game: that the car that moves, works, and has sounds. The boys play with happiness, so I think that those of us who undertake do our job have a responsibility that is to do it with happiness. Or as his character says, “I lived everything in a parallel universe that I discovered.” * “Journey to the Center of the Earth” is almost the first local production made for Disney+. We have seen TV series from Disney Channel (such as “Violeta”, “Soy Luna”, and so many) and also Star+ such as “El Encargado”. How do you see this realization of national content since the arrival to Argentine audiences? We have the best human resources, the best actresses and actors, producers and directors are in South America. They do very well to look here because there is a lot of desire. Here there is fervor to work, we take it almost personally and risk our lives. We spend 24 hours a day thinking about how I am going to resist. All of us who are friends of mine and I know, we face a project as if it were the last one we do in our lives. And with the clear conscience that he may not like it, but I left everything. All eight episodes of “Journey to the Center of the Earth” are available to watch on Disney+. Regarding his next projects, Gabriel Goity will premiere the second season of “El Encargado” and works on the film “Rest in peace”, for Netflix, produced by Kenya Films (by Federico Posternak, Ricardo and the Darin Chinese) based on the book by Martín Baintrub, directed by Sebastián Borensztein, and starring Joaquin Furriel, Griselda Siciliani.

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