Mayor of Maipú ordered summary against official who insulted Carabineros and Armed Forces

The mayor of Maipú, Tomás Vodanovic (RD), ordered a summary investigation against the director of Municipal Transit, Anaí Muñoz, after the viralization of a video in which he insults the Armed Forces, Radio Cooperativa reported.
In the registration, carried out in August 2021 during the program “Maipucinas al poder”, Muñoz warned that “the milicos could go out freely to the street” and “this is not going to bring anything good”.
He stated that “an urgent restructuring” was required in its “inhuman, retrograde training schools”, since the officials of the Armed Forces and Order are “murderers, dishonest and everything I can tell them; And I don’t care if they tell me what they tell me.”
“If at any time we have to be a candidate for something, we will assume (…) I take full responsibility for my sayings,” Muñoz said.
Once the record was known, José Antonio Kast, leader of the Republican Party, came out to call for his removal.

I hope that Mayor Tomás Vodanovic will dismiss the Director of Traffic of Maipú tomorrow for these serious statements. It is not acceptable that public servant Anai Muñoz @LaAnaisinS think this of our Armed Forces and Order.
— José Antonio Kast Rist 🇨🇱 (@joseantoniokast) April 14, 2023

The situation was addressed in the last hours by Mayor Vodanovic, who expressed his “deepest rejection of the statements issued by the director of Transit.”
The community chief offered “institutional apologies” on behalf of the Municipality and affirmed that we “value and respect the Armed Forces and police deeply.”
He explained that “the director is a career civil servant with 22 years working in the municipality, and came to her position via public competition,” which is why he does not have “the faculties to disassociate her or request her resignation.”
He noted, in any case, that Muñoz “apologized and (expressed) regret for what was said.”
In this line, the militant of Democratic Revolution explained that although the video “was recorded and published in 2021, outside working hours and municipal offices,” he instructed that “a summary investigation be initiated to determine possible faults and sanctions to be applied.”
“As municipalities we will always ensure respect and fraternity between people and institutions, in the spirit of strengthening democracy and life in common. We will continue to work hard and together with the Armed Forces and police for the good of our community, “closed Vodanovic, after a series of posts on his Twitter account referring to the case.

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