Argentina getting closer to hosting the U-20 World Cup: there will be a key meeting between Massa and Tapia

On Monday, the last step will be taken for Argentina to host the next U-20 World Cup, since around 12 noon, the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, and the president of AFA, Claudio Tapia, will meet to finalize details. According to Noticias Argentinas, official sources confirmed that “Argentina will be in a position to announce that it will host” the intercontinental championship, after FIFA has taken the decision to remove the organization from Indonesia, which for political reasons did not accept the participation of Israel.In addition, it was also made clear that “this historical fact puts us in the race in the fight for the 2030 World Cup and, in addition, it would allow the Argentine national team to play at home.” There will also be a meeting, in which the Minister of Tourism, Matías Lammens, the vice presidents of the AFA, Rodolfo D’Onofrio, David Garzon, Marcelo Achile and Guillermo Raed, authorities of the Executive Committee, among others, will also participate. It is expected that during the meetings the signing of the permits and endorsements that FIFA requests before each event of these characteristics will be carried out. At the same time, the organization of the competition is also analyzed from an economic point of view, since the investment of the maximum entity of international football, together with the arrival of 230 thousand foreign tourists and the possibility of seeing the Argentine National Team play a championship of such magnitude of local, could give an additional impact of more than 600 million dollars to the economy.

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