Marixa Balli recalled the accident that almost cost her life and where her partner died

Marixa Balli relived in LAM the tragedy that she had to live on March 16, 2000 when returning from Mar del Plata to Buenos Aires the car in which she came with her partner, Mariano Fischer, lost control in a curve and overturned causing the death in the act of the man and leaving her seriously injured. “I remember absolutely every second, four minus quarter in the morning, the car had been left with the lights fully on,” he said and then delved into the story that earned him many years of therapy to overcome the trauma of the situation. “We were coming at high speed, the car rolls 19 times and at one point it rises, that’s what the witnesses say, which looks like a flying saucer. When it falls, always with a trunk, the convertible roof is lowered, “he explained without wanting to give more details. “Obviously it’s tragic what happens next to me and I’m extremely bad,” he simply said. While continuing with the chilling account: “My partner agonized in my arms, everyone said ‘how did he get out of that car’, I was completely injured, my head brushed the asphalt, it was such a terrible thing, that I was saved because I have an angel who protected me. I had a very bad time, it was very hard, I was conscious, I got out of that situation and I still don’t know how I did it, I remember every second. I got out of the car as lost. The accident occurs on a curve at kilometer 74 of Route 2, now they call it “elbow curve”, but I have to say that the speed was also tremendously excessive, “he recalled. While revealing a foreboding event: “I never told this. Three or four days before I went to Mar del Plata to see my relatives, I wanted to go alone and a few days before on channel 9, a hairdresser told me: ‘I had a terrible dream, I didn’t want to tell you but I’m going to tell you: I see a lot of blood, I see you with blood and a lot of blood and I also see Rodrigo (Bueno) ‘. And then he killed himself after three months,” she said, her voice breaking. Then, he continued: “Question that when we came from Mar del Plata, in Castelli we filled the tank with naphtha and Betty, this lady, had given me a little card of the Virgin Untied. When we stopped at the gas station, I took out the card and while he was loading gasoline I began to pray. And while reading the prayer of the Virgin I said ‘I do not arrive in Buenos Aires’ because I also have a very developed sixth sense that sometimes scares me. I asked him to protect me. Then we start, tank full, we return to the route and in a moment it begins to accelerate and he did not realize that he was going so fast. The speed was an impressive thing, at one point when we arrived at Samborombón, I said ‘brake because we killed ourselves in this corner!’, I gave him a scream so loud that he decreased, and he did it so over the curve that the car sputtered, but he was able to straighten it, “he continued in his story. Then, he said: “I look bad, so I tell him ‘brake at the toll that I get off, you are not well’. At the toll booth he hesitated, he swears that he was going to slow down, that he doesn’t know what happened to him,” said the dancer. “When he starts, he starts strong, then I tell him ‘please I ask you, slow down’, and he didn’t look at me anymore. In a moment, real or not real, the cabin was transformed into a freezer. I tried to jump out of the car three or four times, because I knew it would kill me. I felt that cold that everyone tells, before death, a paralyzing cold. The cold is traumatic,” he said to the attentive listening of Angel and the panelists. To close he said. “Before the curve, he looks at me and I swear it wasn’t him, that face wasn’t him. When he looks at me, there I see what was going to happen, I see the end. When I open my eyes, to say ‘let’s go down’, there I see everything I see, half an inch. It was a very hard blow in my life, to recover from such a traumatic situation. And I was in intensive care,” he concluded and then explained why he cannot forgive Carmen Barbieri who at that time referred to the issue lightly and without having knowledge of the businesswoman’s condition. 

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