Italy lifted ban on ChatGPT

After the blocking of ChatGPT by the Italian government was announced on March 31, the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data (GPDP) announced that it is no longer blocked. In this way, residents will be able to use the artificial intelligence tool again with total normality and this is also because the American company, Open AI, obeyed some of the demands imposed by the Italian authorities. In the statement shared by the company and accessed by AP, it was reported that the issues and concerns raised have been clarified and that as of now “we are excited to welcome you back and remain dedicated to protecting your privacy.” In fact, the CEO of the company, Sam Altman, collaborated with the changes that would not only be implemented in the territory of Italy, but also throughout Europe and, from now on, according to GPDP, the application now provides “more transparency and rights to users”. Some of the changes implemented in the application have to do with the fact that the website shows detailed information about what personal data is collected; users have the ability to refuse to have their data used to train AI models; You must be of legal age to use the service although from the age of 13 it can be used with the consent of your parents or legal guardians, etc. Likewise, the company made it clear that it will continue to process certain personal data in order to “ensure the proper functioning of the service” and thus, train algorithms.

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