Fatal crash in Apatzingán – Cuatro Caminos; 1 child killed and 10 injured

Parácuaro, Michoacán.- A fatal vehicle accident was recorded on Wednesday night, on the Apatzingán – Cuatro Caminos highway, which left a minor dead and at least 10 people injured.
It transpired that on this road a Nissan truck with nets, white and near the cruise “La Yeguas”, was hit by a white Volkswagen Jetta, which caused both units to leave the asphalt folder and end partially on a wall.
Due to the magnitude of the crash, several people riding in the back of the Nissan shot out and hit the ground hard. Some motorists who observed the situation called the emergency service for help.
Paramedics from the Municipal Civil Protection of Parácuaro and an ambulance from the Regional Hospital of Apatzingán were transferred to the area, who helped those affected, confirming the death of a minor and transferred the survivors to hospitals in the region.
Elements of the National Guard of the Highway and Facilities Security Division were presented at the site, which flagged the area and later the specialists of the State Attorney General’s Office undertook the corresponding proceedings.

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