Rodríguez Larreta announced the refund of the tax on credit cards

The head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, announced on Thursday the refund of the tax on credit cards. “There is no record,” the mayor said. From the neighborhood of Belgrano, the presidential candidate of PRO announced that the Government will return an amount corresponding to what entered the Buenos Aires coffers between last December 22 – when the Court ruled in favor of the City in the conflict over co-participation – and March 10, when the tax stopped being collected. ” We are going to return about 11,000 million pesos to the pockets of the people,” Rodríguez Larreta estimated. “Everyone is going to be refunded what they paid in this tax during the period. On average, it’s about $3,200 per card,” he said. The mayor announced that today they will send the bill to the Legislature and reported how the return system will be. “On the next month’s card statement, there’s going to be a plus amount that can be used for whatever you want. If you spent 100, and with this measure we return 20, that month you will pay 80 “.” We do not find precedents that in addition to lowering taxes, to comply with a tax that is transitory … In addition to that, we return to the citizens the amount they paid in the period between the ruling came out and we stopped charging, “he stressed. “We can do it thanks to the rigor with which we handle the City’s accounts. We reached zero deficit and we have the lowest level of indebtedness in the last ten years, so we can make decisions like this,” he said. This is governing, making decisions, some easier, some more difficult. It’s not being in the gallery, shouting. It is rolling up your sleeves, getting into the mud, it is taking charge, not looking for culprits,” he said. In another part of his speech, Rodríguez Larreta criticized the national government. He said he “did everything wrong” and “failed.” And he assured that the administration “headed by Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner fills us with anguish, despair and fear of insecurity.” On the other hand, the head of government again lowered the tone to the Buenos Aires internal and pointed out that today, the PRO has two candidates in the City: Fernán Quirós and Jorge Macri. “Choose the people,” he said. At the same time, he avoided referring to the possible candidacy of María Eugenia Vidal. “She’s a candidate for president,” he said. The national deputy would desist from her candidacy in the next few hours. When asked about the decision of the INDEC to reverse with the modification of the date on which it will disseminate the CPI for April, Rodríguez Larreta celebrated the measure, but again criticized the national government, pointing out “the disaster that is inflation” in Argentina. The mayor limited himself to reaffirming his commitment to “modernize the labor system” and “end the labor trial industry.”

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