Jorge Rial was discharged and prepares to return to the country: “God gave me another chance”

Jorge Rial announced today that, after five critical days, he was discharged from the clinic in Bogotá, Colombia where he was hospitalized since last Saturday after suffering a cardiac arrest. Already recovered, today, the driver turned to the networks next to a significant photo to tell that fortunately the worst is over and “God gave him a new chance.” Aware of the seriousness of what happened, Rial thanked the medical team that took him forward and announced that he is preparing to return to the country, along with his daughters Morena and Rocío who traveled urgently to Colombia to accompany him. “This was the battlefield for five days. I was able to abandon it because there were many people who accompanied me. Very close and at a distance,” he began saying from his networks next to the photo of what was his bed in the clinic where he stayed. And he reflected: “Moment of sadness, fatigue but also of discovery. We have no control of absolutely anything. Just how to get there. Not when, how or where. “, he assured while adding: “Now to continue on the path because God gave me another chance. To recount the wounds that this small but intense trip left me, to heal the soul and body and try to understand everything,” he said. “To keep recovering. Thank you those who, without knowing me, fought by my side. I’ll be there soon. But everything will no longer be the same. It’s impossible. Now I will be able to put together this puzzle that life gave me. #renacido,” he concluded, robbing the clinic where his life was saved. 

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