These are three countries in the world where it is difficult to find Coca-Cola

World. – Coca Cola is the soft drink par excellence for Mexicans and almost everyone, with the exception of three nations that have something in common, are associated with communist regimes or are politically opposed to the United States.
This is why The Coca-Cola Company’s products are not sold or produced.
Cubans, initially if they had the opportunity to consume this soft drink, after the revolution that put Fidel Castro in power in 1959, the company decided to leave the island a year later at the risk that they could nationalize the company. However, due to the openness of recent years, it is possible to find this soft drink in hotels, restaurants and shopping centers for tourists.
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North Korea
The second country if it has banned the sale of Coca Cola is North Korea. In fact, in this nation the company has never operated for ideological reasons, and in Pyongyang they make their own version.
After the “special military operation” in Ukraine last year, Coca-Cola decided to suspend the sale of the popular soft drink in Russia along with other of its products.
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