Congress withdraws initiative to reform the Organic Law of the UMSNH

Morelia, Michoacán. – Deputy Roberto Reyes Cosari withdrew from the session of the legislative plenary of this day the initiative that proposed changes in its wording, for gender issues, in various laws, including the Organic Law of the Michoacan University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo.
And it is that the second article of the universities and institutions of higher education to which the law grants autonomy, indicates that they will have all the faculties and institutional guarantees established in section VII of article 3 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States and will be governed by their respective organic laws the regulations that derive from these and, to the extent that is compatible, by the provisions of the Law.
The legislative processes related to its organic laws, at all times, shall respect in an unrestricted manner the powers and guarantees referred to in the preceding paragraph, so that they may not impair the faculty and responsibility of universities and institutions of higher education autonomous by law to govern themselves; to carry out its aims of educating, researching and disseminating culture respecting the freedom of teaching and research and of free examination and discussion of ideas; determine its plans and programmes; set the terms of admission, promotion and permanence of its academic staff; as well as managing their assets.
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Thus, the initiative did not go through the University Council, so the several Nicolaites pointed out that, “no legislative act may contravene the provisions of section VII of article 3 of the Constitution. Any initiative or reform to the organic laws referred to in this article must have the results of a prior, free and informed consultation with its university community, with the competent governing bodies of the university or institution of higher education to which the law grants autonomy, and must have an explicit response from its highest collegiate governing body.
The initiative made proposals in the wording to name qualifying adjectives in masculine and feminine in various laws, to eliminate any discrimination in matters of gender.

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