DIF Michoacan Nests Program is a national example

Morelia, Michoacán.- The Children’s Nuclei for Social Development (Nidos) program of the DIF Michoacán System, which offers safe spaces to daughters and sons of day laborer families, is an example in the policies of attention to the vulnerable population and could be replicated in other states of the country, they reported in a statement.
This was announced by the head of the National DIF System, Nuria Fernández Espresate, during the meeting she held with the honorary president of the Board of Trustees and the general director of the organization, Grisel Tello Pimentel and Óscar Celis Silva, respectively.
During the meeting they presented the new projects to be implemented in the DIF Michoacán System, in addition to reviewing and following up on those already established.
“The flagship program Children’s Nuclei for Social Development of the Government of Michoacán, which implements the DIF System, is an example for the rest of the states of the country,” said Nuria Fernández.
The general director of the DIF Michoacán System, Óscar Celis Silva, reported that during the meeting, Fernández Espresate shared that in the near future he will visit the state in the company of presidents and directors of the DIF System of the northern states of the country, in order to know the operation of the flagship program Nidos.
Los Nidos are installed in the municipalities of Apatzingán, Buenavista, Jacona, Los Reyes, Tanhuato, Uruapan, Yurécuaro and Zamora. One more is located in the David Franco Rodríguez penitentiary center, and a few days ago work began for the creation and implementation of the program in the High Impact penitentiary center.
They are safe spaces for the care of daughters and sons of agricultural day laborer families while their fathers and mothers carry out their work in the fields; They provide the girls with breakfasts and meals of high nutritional value, medical services and initial education in a harmonious environment.

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