Cecilia Strzyzowski case: more skeletal remains found in a new raid

While the case for the disappearance of Cecilia Strzyzowski continues to keep the country in suspense for how it can be resolved, during the day on Saturday, a new raid was carried out in the field of the Sena family, located in the area of Campo Rossi, in the town of Puerto Tirol, province of Chaco. The experts focused on the chanchería, where skeletal remains were found again that were taken in order to study them and determine if they are human. It should be noted that raids have already been carried out in the place, along with others carried out in a garbage dump and in other properties of Emerenciano Sena.In turn, this action was made a day after the statement of the two new detainees, who are Gustavo Obregón and Fabiana González and are added to the seven that the cause already has. That is why it is estimated that the statement of one of them influenced the Special Fiscal Team (EFE) to order a new inspection. In addition, this Saturday morning, Gloria Romero, Cecilia’s mother, met with those investigating the alleged femicide of her daughter and, in dialogue with Telam, said that “they explained to me what they are going to do. I feel a little calmer, as you will see my face changed because they put a mobile phone at the door of my house and I had not slept for days, because with my daughter we were alert.” At the moment, for the case, César Sena, Cecilia’s husband, who was charged with “triple-aggravated homicide by the link, by the premeditated collaboration of two or more people and for having been carried out in a context of gender violence” are also detained; Emerenciano Sena; Marcela Acuña; Gustavo Melgarejo and Griselda Reinoso.A day before the primary elections in Chaco, the case complicates the current governor and pre-candidate, Jorge Capitanich, due to the link he has with the Sena family, which is the main one targeted by the possible femicide.

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