Rosario Ortega came out to deny the rumors about the health of Charly García

Today an alarming news began to circulate via social networks, after Esteban Trebucq, better known as “El pelado de A24”, told for the signal that Charly García’s health would be in a delicate moment. With a red plaque that read Force Charly! the host said: “There is a lot of concern in the environment of musicians, who love Charly García as much as the vast majority of Argentines. And those who have seen him in recent days say that he hardly speaks or walks and his environment that is very concerned about all this tries to get few people close to Charly, “he said causing great repercussion and concern. However, from their close environment, they came out to deny the news and brought tranquility to the 2.0 community. One of the first to come out to clarify the sayings was Rosario Ortega, who was her chorus girl and one of her closest friends, who from her official account said: “Charly is calm, watching a movie, nothing changed these days,” she denied.  And he added: “He made a stir just because he wanted to say something the peeling of A24 …”, he closed. In this same way, Beto Casella, who has access to the closest environment of the musician also expressed himself in networks and wrote: “Fortunately, Charly García did not suffer any mishap in his health in the last hours or days. He is doing his kinesiology work, listens to music, watches movies and even plays his keyboard, always accompanied by his inseparable partner Mecha and his beloved son Migue, “he added adding to the denial. 

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