Summary: After the closing of lists, Alberto Fernández thanked Scioli for his “generosity and commitment”; Fernando Burlando joined the defense of Cecilia Strzyzowski’s family; last date of the Copa Libertadores: matches, days and times; Tini Stoessel on her mental health

1. The market reacts with generalized increases to Massa candidate. The shares of Argentine companies registered increases of up to 10% in the first stock market round after the announcement of the presidential candidacy of the Minister of Economy. I kept reading here… 2. After the closing of the lists, Alberto Fernández thanked Scioli for his “generosity and commitment”. The president shared an image with the ambassador to Brazil after he declined his presidential candidacy in favor of Sergio Massa’s candidacy. I kept reading here… 3. Kicillof will not split the elections in the province of Buenos Aires. The Governor of Buenos Aires chose not to split the general elections of the province of Buenos Aires from the national ones. I kept reading here… 4. Fernando Burlando joined the defense of Cecilia Strzyzowski’s family and said: “Politics has to give an answer.” “We are going to insist to the prosecutors that they continue to do diligences and that the search spectrum be expanded, especially in the creek,” said the lawyer. I kept reading here… 5. The last date of the Copa Libertadores is played: matches, days and times. Racing, River, Boca and Argentinos will look to seal the top positions in their respective groups. I kept reading here… 6. Lucas Pratto terminated his contract with Vélez. The striker will leave the club six months before the end of his link and continue his career abroad. I kept reading here… 7. “You can not naturalize this”: the president of Union criticized the Galician Méndez. The manager charged against the coach, who accepted an offer from Vélez, and terminated his contract with Union. I kept reading here… 8. Tini Stoessel revealed the difficulties she went through recently: “I couldn’t get out of bed.” The artist was emotional in the middle of a show in Barcelona, and thanked the support, after revealing her fear of not being able to make the tour due to health problems. I kept reading here…

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