Drinking water works will benefit one million Michoacanos: CEAC

With an investment of $178.7 million pesos, 43 actions will be carried out in 33 municipalities.
Morelia, Michoacán. – The State Commission of Water and Basin Management (CEAC) will invest this year 178 million 748 thousand pesos for the execution of 43 drinking water works for the benefit of one million inhabitants of 33 municipalities of Michoacán, as part of the annual hydraulic infrastructure program, according to a statement.
The general coordinator of the CEAC, Roberto Arias Reyes, stressed that construction work will be carried out on water networks and pipes, drinking water systems, water treatment plants, rainwater collection and storage systems, pumping fences, solar generators, drilling, equipment and rehabilitation of deep wells.
It includes municipalities such as Cuitzeo, Ixtlan, Parácuaro, Coahuayana, Susupuato, Tacámbaro, Tuzantla, Tancítaro, Chilchota, Nahuatzen, Uruapan, Paracho, José Sixto Verduzco, Tuxpan, Acuitzio, Purépero, Turicato, Lázaro Cárdenas, Huiramba, Tlalpujahua, Villamar, Tanhuato, Arteaga, Churumuco, Apatzingán, Coeneo, Yurécuaro, Ario de Rosales, Tarímbaro, Aquila, Aporo, Churintzio, and Charo.
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The annual hydraulic infrastructure program has a total investment of 877 million pesos, and in addition to drinking water provides for items such as sewerage, sanitation, sanitation of the Douro River, projects to be carried out by 2024, actions with drinking water operators, and the hydroagricultural program.
With all these actions, the state will improve access to drinking water in a clean and safe way for the benefit of 88 municipalities and eight irrigation districts.

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