“More people die on Sundays”, the film by Iair Said, on the way to the San Sebastian Festival

“More people die on Sundays”, the first fiction film by Yair Said (after his documentary “Flora is not a song to life”), was chosen to be part of the 71st edition of the San Sebastian Festival, which takes place from September 22 to 30. The film follows the story of “David, a young middle-class Jew, corpulent, homosexual and afraid of flying, returns to Buenos Aires from Europe, due to the death of his uncle”—as the synopsis advances— “In this return, David learns that his mother has decided to disconnect his father’s respirator, the only thing that has kept him alive for years. David will oscillate between intimate coexistence with his mother, alienated by the pain of the imminent loss of her husband and a voracity to fill her existential anguish, occupying his hours learning to drive, going to specialists cheaper than in Europe, and trying to have sex with any man who shows him a little attention. As for the cast, the main performances are in charge of Said -who comes from his time in the series “Palermo Division”- Rita Cortese, Juliana Gattas and the special participation of the Chilean artist Antonia Zeger (“Tony Manero” and “Post mortem”).” On Sundays more people die” on the way to the San Sebastian Festival | Photo: Instagram @iairsaidEl film was selected to participate in WIPLatam, destined to Latin American Feature Films in post-production, along with two other national films “Sombra Grande” by Maximiliano Shonfeld, and “Reas”, by Lola Arias. On Sundays more people die” on the way to the San Sebastian Festival | Photo: Instagram @iairsaidProducida by Campo Cine with Patagonik Film Group, “More people die on Sundays”, completes the director’s career after his first short film “9 vaccines” (2012), winner of BAFICI 2013 and the “Black PearlAward” for best short film at Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2012 having participated in more than 30 festivals. He then released in 2015, his second short film, “Presente imperfecto”, which was selected in the official competition of the Cannes Film Festival. 

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